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2.0" Bump Stop Kit | Threaded

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14.00 LBS
   Current lead time is 3 weeks. PAIR OF 2.0 BUMP STOPS with 2" and 4" travel options • Hydraulic bump stops • Fully re-buildable  • Adjustable oil volume and nitrogen pressure • includes mounting sleeves • 2 sets of locking rings per bump stop TECHNICAL SPECS: • 2.0” diameter body  • 2" stroke has an extended length of 11.75" and a collapsed length of 9.75" • 4" stroke has an extended length of 14.75" and a collapsed length of 10.75" • Large 1.26” diameter shafts are hard-chromed, preventing rusting and essentially creating a self-cleaning system. • Shafts are polished to a mirror-like finish, ensuring extended seal life. • Shraeder cap mounts directly to the body of the bump stop, not the valve, creating a stronger seal, keeping everything clean and dry by keeping out dirt and moisture. • O-ring on shaft gauges your travel • Delrin contact pad is mounted with a single flushmount design, protecting your suspension and insuring quiet operation, with no metal on metal contact. MOUNTING SLEEVES: • Heavy-duty mounting sleeves, come ready to weld. • Threaded can dimensions are 2.52" OD and 2.55" Tall. Total OD with lock rings is 2.72"  • Threaded cans hold the bump stop around the entire diameter, providing 360° coverage without any pinching like traditional pinch-style cans • Sleeves built to allow room for shrinkage during the welding process   Our Bump stops are designed to handle anything you can throw at them. They are built out of some of the highest quality materials to ensure a long shock life and reduce environmental wear. We use Viton seals, 4130 Chromed polished shafts, Black Zinc coated steel shock bodies, 6061 Machined Aluminum coated in a deep black anodizing. We stand behind our product 100% and offer a one year warranty on non wearable parts and a 6 month warranty on wearable parts. Intended for off-highway use.

6 Reviews

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    Theaded 2.0 bumpstop

    Posted by Robert on Mar 16th 2021

    I wished I knew about these before I installed the pinch mounts. I bought a set of these for my other axle and am certainly impressed with the quality. The mount cans have a nice machined collar to accept and fix the adjusting rings, keeping everything locked together. I do like the adjustability that these allow as I am always tweaking something and being able to fine tune these is a huge benefit. I have no doubt they will perform as well as they are made. I am looking forward to putting them through their paces. I'll be back.

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    Best Product and Service

    Posted by David on Nov 13th 2020

    I used these stops in my three link build. They work great but I had a small issue. After contacting Them about my issue, they help resolve the issue quickly and easily.

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    2.0 threaded bumps.

    Posted by Sam Ostrovsky on Nov 15th 2019

    A few weeks ago I started shopping for new shocks for my 17 JKUR. I was looking at bypasses because I wanted the flexibility of running hard through whoops and dunes and also maintain good flex on the rocks. I looked at the usual big brands-King, Fox and Radflo. I remembered seeing videos on YouTube about Locked hydro bumps and was excited to see that they also sold shocks too. I called After hours and got a voicemail. Riley called me back the next day and we had a 20 minute conversation about the shocks and what I was looking for. I decided to give the shocks a shot and ordered 4 bypasses and then about a week later ordered hydro bumps for the front. Today the shocks and bumps were installed. I wasn’t necessarily expecting much difference on road since shocks like this are engineered to race but boy was I surprised. The jeep is more sure and far more spirited. On turns at speed the Jeep has little body roll, even without a rear sway bar. On potholes and railroad tracks there is a stark contrast to my metalcloak rocksport shocks I had previously. Over the next few weeks I will be tuning the shocks and bumps off road and in the rocks and will come back and update the review. Customer service-wise, Riley has been awesome. Case in point, today tuning the shocks and bumps, I texted Riley to see what pressures to start with and got a response in a minute! Try to get that type of customer service from King or Fox, it will never happen. I can’t recommend Locked-Offroad enough, awesome company and Riley is a great guy. Don’t hesitate if you are considering any products from Locked, just get them!

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    2.0" threaded bumps

    Posted by Sam on Nov 12th 2019

    I will start with what an amazing company with some of the best customer service!! I purchased the wrong stroke and with a quick phone call to Riley he solved my problem and we had the correct bumps within a few days of my return. Now to explain the best bumps around!! We were cruising through Hells Gate in Moab, UT. When the trail monkey decided to snap the coilover mount bracket "it was a stock UD60 bracket" this presented a small challange!! But, dont fear we had a locked offroad bump and a rock!! We macgyvered a successful trail fix where the locked offroad 2" stroke threaded bump acted as a shock"AMAZING"!! We were on obstacle 7 and managed to make it all the way home without damaging the bump and the bump saving my rig from alot more damages. Best bumps on the market if you ask me. I am througgly impressed with the high quality and pride that locked offroad puts into their products and customers!!

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    Bump Stops

    Posted by Erich on Sep 9th 2019

    Bought these for my Jeep JK. Very well-made, solid and bulletproof. Install was easy but took time. One note, if you're running EVO springs you have to install the bumpstop within the spring and install all together. The Evo springs will not slide up over the bumpstop because the top of the springs are narrower than the middle and bottom end. Not sure about other brands of springs. Performance was super smooth. I hammered them for hours with no noise, squeaking or clanging around. A fine product.

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    2.0 threaded bumps

    Posted by Chris on Jul 20th 2019

    Beatiful and beefy. Easy to mount and adjustability is super handy to have. Survived a week straight of sand dunes whoops and jumping so far, very happy and will be buying more

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