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About Us

Riley is a Southern California native. Having lived here all his life, he grew up on dirt bikes and going to the Desert. In 2011, once he was old enough to drive he was handed down a 2004 Silverado from his dad. Having a passion for dirt biking and off roading led to an interest in building his 2004 Silverado. When it was time to buy shocks he quickly realized that theres were not many quality options that were affordable so he had to buy used. From that came the experience of tearing into shocks and finding out how they work and understanding the concept of valving. 

This sparked Riley's interest in shocks and the manufacturing process. Being the entrepreneur he is, he decided to give it a shot and start designing and building his own shocks. He spent the next 6 years developing his bump stops while finishing school and working multiple jobs. It took about 2 full years for the Name Locked to catch on as a reliable bump stop and soon after Riley released his Coilovers followed by Smooth body shocks, and Bypass shocks. In 2018 he started started the shock company that you all know of today as Locked Off-Road.

Many ask where the name comes from. Riley's real name is Ryland Lock and he figured what better name to name his company than his last name. So take Lock and just add the ed to the end.

When you buy from Locked Off-Road, know that you are not a number, you are a friend, and I promise to take care of you every step of the way, because you are the F O U N D A T I O N of this business and I know that without you, Locked Off-Road don’t exist. Thanks again to all of our friends who started as customers. 

Our goal is to provide higher quality shock made from superior materials at a fair price. I GUARANTEE my products 100% with a 6 month manufacturer defect warranty. If there is any issue with quality I will replace them for FREE.

-Riley Lock